Nobody Likes a Crybaby

Social media is a funny game off unspoken rules, especially on sites such as Pinterest, Twitter and even WordPress. There’s no crying in baseball and there shouldn’t be any crying in social media. I’m sick of these apps that post irrelevant stats like, how many people followed me or unfollowed me. Everyone wants a larger audience but many of us are not willing to play by the unspoken rules of social media. When someone follows you and you choose not to return the follow, don’t be shocked when they unfollow you. AND never post, ‘such and such unfollowed me today.’ Nobody likes a crybaby (or a tattletale).

R&S Interactive, as a company, managing many other companies social media platform’s, we have an obligation to our clients to grow their audience. There are times when we follow other accounts without needing a ‘followback’ in return, that is known in our business as a ‘strategic follow’. But more times than not we are introducing you to the brand by following you. If you choose not to return the follow we don’t take that personally, we assume, the brand and what it offers socially, isn’t for you. So when you get unfollowed later, don’t cry about it, accept the role you played in being unfollowed.

For my personal account, (@ReallyRaphy on Twitter), I rarely follow people back unless they take an active role tweeting to me or retweeting my post.  That’s how I distinguish between someone who’s only trying to get their follows up and someone who knows and understands what social media is really about, INTERACTION.  When R&S Interactive takes on a new client our goal is always to make as many meaningful interactions as possible between companies and fans / customers.  We want the fans to feel like there is an open line of communication between you and the brand that you are CHOOSING to follow, no matter what the platform.  That’s how relationships are built from company to customer in social media.

Remember social media is a two way line of communication!  Don’t turn your social media into a newspaper print ad.

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