Disconnect Your Facebook & Twitter NOW:


If you are a business, your Facebook and Twitter accounts should not be connected.  Just to clarify, if you post something on Facebook it should not automatically post to Twitter also and vice versa.  Why?  Because each of your social media sites needs to be able to stand on it’s own feet.  I understand that it’s more work, but if you put the time and energy into building each platform thoroughly, you will get better results.

First, you want, you need, to have pages that don’t have the same exact content on them.  You need to give your audience a reason to follow or like each page.  If the content is the same on each page, you’re not incentivizing people to follow your other accounts.

Secondly the lingo isn’t the same from Twitter to Facebook or other social media platforms.  For example, if you overuse hashtags (#) on Facebook there’s a good chance your audience will be annoyed.  If any of your Facebook users aren’t on Twitter it might actually confuse them.  Both examples are reason enough to have someone opt out from following along.  Don’t give them that reason!


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10 responses to “Disconnect Your Facebook & Twitter NOW:”

  1. Patricia says :

    I completely agree! The way you post things on these sites is completely different and the hashtags is a good example, you don’t hashtag on FB.

  2. DonMedia says :

    Sadly, some of those who crow loudest in their bios about their social media guru, ninja, jedi-ness are the ones most guilty of doing it.

  3. Ron Overbeek says :

    I totally agree. Personally I use Twitter for business related themes (like marketing, communication, social media, trends, etc), Facebook for private, creative and cultural subjects and Instagram for my photography alter ego. I see that i have different followers on each channel and follow different people myself.

  4. pochp says :

    Then I should be glad that FB locked my account. I wouldn’t exchange Twitter for FB

  5. SO! What? SOcial says :

    Yes hashtagging on FB is a big NO NO. I think having your Facebook posts going to your Twitter is OK- because the more tweets you have the more potential followers see you= more market share for YOU!

    • rsinteractive says :

      I understand your take but for me I like to change the post, even if it’s slightly just to give the audience a little variance. In a perfect world I’d like the audience of our clients to be connected to all their social media accounts so I don’t want the accounts to be exactly the same.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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