Twitter War: Quantity vs. Quality


Quantity vs. quality.  An argument for the ages.  Recently we had a former client, that still retains us periodically for events, call and tell me that she was going to use a service to add more followers on Twitter.  Interested in seeing her results I kept tabs on it every few days.  Sure enough in several weeks she went from a few hundred followers to several thousand.  Which even to my critical eye looks great.  Who doesn’t want the social proof of several thousand followers?  My measly 200 ish followers isn’t impressing anyone, haha (@ReallyRaphy).  The question is, will that bring in new business through your doors?  More than likely no.  From the outside looking in, if you’re found in a random search and that person says to themselves, ‘hey this person MUST be legit since he/she has so many followers,’ yes that will give you some credibility.  Your Twitter account may even start to grow organically from there but it’s not going to translate to more people walking through your door.  Why?  Because these are not targeted followers.  A lot of them may not even be real people, aka spam bots and the like.  Even if they are all 100% real, if they are not in your target market it’s all for nothing.  If you are a brick and mortar establishment, you are looking for results that translates into more people through your door.  Sales.  Money.  ROI from your allocated marketing budget.

Obviously this is not a blanket opinion that holds true with every type of business.  But if your business is solely located in Los Angeles, would you prefer 500 followers from a 5 mile radius of you or 10,000 followers in Albuquerque?  That is a question only you can answer for yourself but for me and the approach I take with my clients it’s about quality over quantity.

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We are a boutique social media management company specializing in branding and building relationships for our clients and their fans! We were founded in Atlanta, GA and have recently expanded to Los Angeles, CA. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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